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Best Way To Compare Budget Car Rental In Auckland

Auckland is an attractive city on New Zealand’s North Island, set on a narrow strip of land flanked by two natural harbours, with other major tourist spots, Hamilton and Wellington, to the island’s south. Its privileged location has blessed its citizens with idyllic sandy beaches and a wealth of beautiful islands at their doorstep, making it one of those rare places you can be kayaking with dolphins in the morning, then dancing and drinking with after-work revellers at dusk.

Choose A Small Car

small car
Select A Small Car Hire

Selecting a small car or campervan can truly make a huge impact on your rental cost. From the obvious fact that they are cheaper to run to the long-term fact that they also use much less fuel, picking a small vehicle is just a smart choice. So sit down and evaluate what you truly need and how big do you really need your car to be. On the same note, keep an eye out for the year and make of the vehicle, fuel consumption can vary a lot. Car and campervan rental comparison websites like Compare and Choose allow you to search and compare rental vehicles by age, so check out that handy tool!

Monitor Pricing Regularly

Car rental
Car money and calculator. Payments and costs.

Prices will vary depending on availability and some routes may even become much cheaper in some seasons. For instance, around the end of summer, most car and campervans have been dropped off on the South Island, so picking a route from south to north may save you a few hundred.

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